1) laying cable trays and trunking to be less agile, and should as far as possible, laying along the column or beam along the wall.

2) laying cable trays and trunking to, submit to the civil engineering, construction professional reserve wall, floor holes and hanger installation, where you want the embedded steel plates and loading. And should coordinate with the technology professional, plumbing and dynamic professional.
3) concealed metal slot wiring in the ground, in the design should cooperate closely with the civil, depending on the structure and building layout, determines the route and equipment selection.

Cable Ladder

4) different voltages, different uses of the cable should not be laid in the same layer within the cable tray:
(1) the above 1kV and below and 1kV cables;
(2) the same path to the load circuit in the power supply cable;
(3) emergency lighting and other lighting cables;
(4) electric power, control, and telecommunications cables. If different levels when the cables in the same cable tray, intermediate partitions should be increased isolation.
5) in engineering under the condition of installation or maintenance does not take into account additional concentrated loads, cable ladder, tray work load is calculated according to the weight of the cable distribution.
6) cable trays should not be parallel with the following pipe laying, when these cannot be avoided, location shall conform to the following provisions of the cable bridge, or take appropriate protective measures.
(1) the cable tray above the corrosive liquids pipelines.
(2) cable trays should be beneath the heating pipes.

FRP Cable Ladder
FRP Cable Ladder

(3) flammable gas is heavier than air, cable tray above the pipeline.
(4) when flammable gas is lighter than air, cable trays should be beneath the pipe.
7) minimum distance between cable trays and pipes are given in the relevant standards.
8) PDS cables and high level electromagnetic interference may be generated in the vicinity of motors, transformers and other electrical equipment should be maintained between the necessary spacing. Cabling distance between cables and power cables shall conform to GB/t 50311-2000 specification 11.0. the provisions of article 2.
9) wall installation of cabling cables, fibre optic cables and pipelines and the spacing pipe shall conform to GB/t 50311-2000 specification 11.0. the provisions of article 2.

Steel Cable Ladder
Steel Cable Ladder

10) when laying cable trays horizontal, should be according to the load curve select the optimum span of support span is generally 1.5~3.0M. When laid vertically, fixed spacing should not be greater than 2m.

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