Besca’s Aluminium Cable Trays, Ladders, and Strut Channels

Aluminium is remarkable for its light weight due to the metal’s low density. At the meantime, it is also highly resistant to corrosion thanks to a thin layer of transparent oxide. Unless the surface was destroyed, it remains resistant to corrosive area.

Unlike other material, aluminium can perform very well when dealing with mild alkalis because of inhibitors. Yet generally direct contact with alkaline should be avoided since it is negative to the oxide skin which will eventually cause the corrosion of aluminum.

Besca Aluminium Cable Trays can be applied to chemical processing plants, mine sites, dock, wharf or other areas of strong corrosive elements in the environment.

Besca Auminium channel, or other cable support products are all manufactured to meet the standard of AS/NZS1866.

Besca Aluminium Cable Ladder

Besca manufactures a complete range of aluminium cable ladder with laying depths of 80mm.

BL4, NEMA20C Standard.



Besca Aluminium Channel

Same as galvanized finish, Besca strut channel is available with 41mm wide.

BS1000A, BS3300A